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  1. The Social Lounge

    1. Off-Topic Discussion

      Want to post about something but just can’t seem to find the right spot?  Then our off-topic forum is most likely your best option!  Anything that doesn’t fall into other sections and that doesn’t break our Terms of Use can be posted here.

    2. In The News

      World news, local news, internet based news, technology releases, it can all be found here!  If you see anything that you feel is worthwhile, post it here or simply follow the topics others post to say in the loop.

    3. Debate Center

      No matter who wins or loses the debate, the fact that you were ability to open your mind and learn is all that matters… right?  While that may be debatable itself, this is where you can find public debates about all types of topics.  It includes a Serious Debate forum for issues that require research and an Other Debate forum for topics that can be very opinionated.

    4. Forum Games

      What can be more exciting than a game based purely on turn based text?  We can’t think of anything either!  From counting games to copy and pasting, we have it all.  Whiles these topics may not add to your post count or be fundamentally sound, the experiences gained will never be forgotten.

  2. The Entertainment Lounge

    1. Anime, Movies, & TV

      Everyone has a favorite series or is simply looking for their next favorite movie.  So here you can learn about what others are watching or simply enter the endless best waifu discussions.

    2. Books, Comics, & Manga

      Share your favorite reading list or ask about what others enjoyed here.  Discussion is open to all sorts of written literature from novels to manga.

    3. Music

      Music can be life for many and pretty much everyone has a favorite genre, so let others know what is out there as the world of music as never be more vast or exciting then it is today!

  3. The Tech Chambers

    1. Technology Workshop

      We are a technology website and this is the place to go wild with your next PC build or perhaps even ask how to build the NAS you always wanted.

    2. Social Media Hub

      Social media has become a part of nearly everyone's daily at this point and that has lead to some complications.  As user generated content becomes a standard for news and information sources and people post more and more of their daily lives online, the need for proper use of these resources is higher then ever!

    3. Content Creation

      YouTube has taken over a large portion of today's news and entertainment and also opened up a huge market for content creators to make a living.  However, YouTube is not alone in this market and staying ahead of the trend is key to a successful content creator life.  Share you channel or ask for advice about your online video development for input from our community (or simply more promotion).  Thankfully, we are nicer then commenters here.

    4. Home Servers

      For all those who wish to own their own media instead of using subscription services, but still want to enjoy that media in modern ways a media server can be the perfect solution.  However, home servers do not end with media and we love seeing how others have created their own clouds and networks within their own hardware.

  4. The Tech Lounge

    1. Tech Discussions

      Technology will never stop evolving and creating new pieces of tech for people to discuss. Whether you are researching the next best thing in the tech world or simply restoring the last best thing that was ever made, this form is for all technology based discussions that do not fit in other categories.

  5. The Temple

    1. Health & Fitness

      An often unforgotten requirement of any technology-based content creator is staying healthy and fit in order to achieve most out of their daily schedule.  From gym techniques and training regiments to diets and health trends here is the perfect location to discuss with our community about staying healthy and fit while pursuing your technology ambitions.

    2. Online Wellness

      There is no hiding the fact that the internet is an amazing place to do nearly anything, but that comes with some hardships as well.  This is where you a welcome to share your online concerns, help other stay safe, or simply ask a question about staying more secure online.  Remember, once it is online anywhere, then it is publicly online forever... So do not hesitate to ask first.

  6. The Outlands

    1. Automotive

      Cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. are a passion for many and all are welcome to share their discussions about them here.

    2. Home & Garden

      Do-it-yourself projects are one of the most important and often challenging parts of owning or even renting a home.  Here users can work together to share knowledge and skills to others or perhaps show of their plans and/or finished projects.  This is also a great area to ask for advice on obtaining professional help or simple tips to daily tasks.

    3. Sports & Outdoors

      Talk about sports (pro, college, unofficial, etc.) and other outdoor based activities here.  Hiking, camping, etc is all welcome along side the sports as well.

  7. The Bulletin Board

    1. Uncrowned Empire News

      All Uncrowned news and events will be posted here to keep our community informed and involved!  This section shares news from all Uncrowned websites and will link to there local discussion topic.  We urge all users to check back with this forum every now and then to stay up-to-date with all the great news about our empire!

    2. Introductions

      Introduce yourself to our community and say hello to the rest of the Uncrowned Legion!!

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