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About this blog

With the world events as of late, many of you have likely investigated or at least heard of prepping for the end of the world.  However, there are numerous hurdles and practicality problems when it comes to going all in and ending up "off the grid".  This series of blog articles is my practical approach to prepping and how I aim to make the things I use every day more functional and potentially lifesaving if the world as we know it were to end.

I will start off this adventure by saying that I do not believe the world will end in my life and if it did, I do not believe most preppers are truly ready for the hardships that surviving afterwards would bring.  Seriously, have you ever repaired a solar panel or underground water pump with just the parts in your shed?  This does not mean I look down on people that go all out, in fact I greatly respect their commitment and their achievements have allowed me to find the information needed to pursue my path, but I am neither that committed or focused enough to travel their route.  I am aiming for a system that works to improve each and every day of your life, but also lays the groundwork where I would have a solid chance to adapt and overcome a major event that crashes our society as we know it (or just a virus making food prices go insane). 

Follow my adventure to enter the prepping world with the intentions not to live a "preppers life".  It will be full of mistakes and forgotten tips that hopefully you can learn from.

Entries in this blog

What Is Functional Prepping?

Prepping itself is preparing for some sort of event, generally a bad event that creates shortages, civil unrest, or perhaps a zombie apocalypse.  There are many types of "prepping" around the world and many different reasons to so but this is about my adventure down the prepping road using a style I like to consider "functional prepping".  So what is it?  Well, I must start out with saying that I have a ton of respect for people who store mass amounts of food, water, etc. in the event that the w


Guardian in Basics

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