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What Is Functional Prepping?



Prepping itself is preparing for some sort of event, generally a bad event that creates shortages, civil unrest, or perhaps a zombie apocalypse.  There are many types of "prepping" around the world and many different reasons to so but this is about my adventure down the prepping road using a style I like to consider "functional prepping".  So what is it?  Well, I must start out with saying that I have a ton of respect for people who store mass amounts of food, water, etc. in the event that the world as we know it ends.  Many have destinations they will choose to travel to in chaos and plans of action with other community members.  This is fantastic and while I will be the first to say the world is likely not ending, I do not use it against this group as they are doing no harm and actually learning many useful skills, plus it never hurts having a bag full of emergency supplies laying around.

Functional prepping on the other is my attempt change small aspects of my life in order to prepare for either a decline in the economy or simply to boost my daily living.  This will not be about shooting my way out of an invasion or starting a tribal village in the woods, although those groups can still use many of the skills and concepts that will be brought up here.  It is about making small and functional changes to my life in order to better prepared for a slightly decreased world.  What are those changes you ask?  Well, we will get into those in the coming weeks, but I will do a basic breakdown of the core ideas below.  As for the "slightly decreased world" I mentioned earlier, that is a world where perhaps the economy has caused and food costs a small fortune, or a war as happened and rations are back, perhaps even a virus spreading that shuts down the local markets.  While the concept will have some major cracks should a zombie horde show up at the door, it is focused on events that have happened before (and quite recently).


A core aspect of any prepping is food, but I am fully aware that I have neither the willpower or motivation to stockpile and rotate though food with long shelf lives in massive amounts.  Sure you can buy those bulk dehydrated meals, but they are expensive and taste quite awful most of the time.  Instead I am focusing on the family garden and simple stockpiling.  Stockpiling for me involves having a shelf in the basement where I purchase bulk items and use those over time.  Ya, that is it.  This gives me a large amount of food at anytime and saves money at the store in the long run.  

Gardening is the second key to my food and this is where everyone who is prepping can jump in.  Seed vaults, buckets of farming supplies, etc are great to have in the event our food supply goes away but the belief that you can open a seed pack, plant it, and have a successful farm out in your cabin is not a solid plan nor will it provide you food tomorrow.  Farming is hard and requires years of learning, but you can get a lot of these skills in small scale gardens.  I have no plans to instantly pop up a 2 acre farm but we will get into a lot of "different" gardening ideas on this path.


The key to life as many put it, water, is required at all times to simply live and yet it can very easily become the most expensive, largest, and most failure prone part of any prepping plan.  Buying a few thousand gallons of water storage is nice, but that isn't going to fit where I live and it certainly not the most functional idea.  Rain water, backups, and other key elements will play a major part in water for my plans, but water needs vary wildly by location.  We will get into this as a supplemental item more than anything.


Shelter is a big one, although not for me.  My prepping does not plan for the elimination of my place of living, but it does enforce some basic guides to making sure that is how things remain.  We will not be getting into wilderness shelters and such, but shelter will be brought up here and there.  It is something I enjoy dropping ideas and concepts about.


Here we go, guns and fences to keep people at bay, right?  Well, no.  Not for me at least.  Defense is a fundamental part of any prepping, but you need to be realistic about it.  Down the road I will go over some major keys of defense and why it is not a major focus of mine.  Again, a lot of concepts here as defense varies wildly on personal needs and location.

So that is the plan!  Stick around and join me for my trip to making my daily life more prepared for the worse, but without being in bomb shelter.

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