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  2. A room or even a space dedicated to your playing & storing your equipment? Even one for listening? I’m curious what people have. If you don’t have a room, what works for you? Do you tend to have to pack up your equipment often?
  3. I really don't lol I tend to feel for those people & even if they are joking & all in good fun, I can't help but feel bad for them. I think it's because I don't like surprises myself 🙂
  4. It depends on how active you all want to be. Bean Bag Toss is a good game that doesn't require too much energy but is quite fun.
  5. Good Saturday Morning! A rainy, cool day here. My parents are coming over & we'll have dinner, play games, chitchat. Same thing we always do lol but it's still fun 🙂
  6. Last week
  7. Ghosts... but I only saw the beginning of it 😛 .
  8. Always fun! Congrats on Off Topix's 13 years.
  9. Had a long day at work, then went to the dentist afterwards. Glad to be home. 🙂
  10. The tree fell on a road during Christmas Eve and caused massive chaos
  11. Yeah, from what I've seen of it, they are quite incredible. Though, I suspect I would've been more into it when I was younger. I used to love Gladiators back then!
  12. I used to watch it, but never got super into it and honestly I didn't even know it was still ongoing. However, the skill and such of the players is incredible.
  13. Baseball/Softball is always a solid choice as it can be played at a more casual pace for older groups. I always found basketball to a great choice for this as it can be super intense or very laid back and is still super enjoyable. Plus basketball can be a simple 2 person created event or a full team vs team sport without much loss in the fun.
  14. I always loved the drums, but never even attempted learning them.
  15. Agreed. You can't really post a good subject and come back in a few to add to the conversation and they likely moved on already.
  16. Ya, vague terms are a terrible idea for something that many people make side or even full incomes from.
  17. The tree fell on a road during Christmas Eve and caused massive
  18. Ya, this is a solid quality for successful relationship, even a successful friendship. Both sides need to be making a positive impact on each other.
  19. Nothing planned for vacation, might be switching jobs this fall, so don't want to get too planned for time off. Pretty good here, just trying to get caught up on forums and basically everything else lol. How about yourself?
  20. Hi everyone! How are we doing today?
  21. Earlier
  22. Good Morning! Getting to be almost Fall now. Anybody still going on some last vacations to extend the summer?
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