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The Social Lounge


  1. Off-Topic Discussion

    Want to post about something but just can’t seem to find the right spot?  Then our off-topic forum is most likely your best option!  Anything that doesn’t fall into other sections and that doesn’t break our Terms of Use can be posted here.

  2. In The News

    World news, local news, internet based news, technology releases, it can all be found here!  If you see anything that you feel is worthwhile, post it here or simply follow the topics others post to say in the loop.

  3. Debate Center

    No matter who wins or loses the debate, the fact that you were ability to open your mind and learn is all that matters… right?  While that may be debatable itself, this is where you can find public debates about all types of topics.  It includes a Serious Debate forum for issues that require research and an Other Debate forum for topics that can be very opinionated.

  4. Forum Games

    What can be more exciting than a game based purely on turn based text?  We can’t think of anything either!  From counting games to copy and pasting, we have it all.  Whiles these topics may not add to your post count or be fundamentally sound, the experiences gained will never be forgotten.

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