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Windows 11 Is Coming!

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On June 24th Microsoft is going to be hosting an event to "Join us to see what's next for Windows" and it is highly suspected that a new version on Windows (Windows 11) will be revealed during this event.  This is backed up even more by the fact that many Windows 10 products now have an End of Life listed on Microsoft's website. However, I do have to note that all of these products listed seem to be enterprise level products or specialized Windows 10 products, and the standard Windows 10 Home, Pro, Server, Workstation, etc. are not listed at this time.

Lately a few YouTube channels like Linus Tech Tips, Austin Evans, and even Windows Central (not an official Windows Channel) has posted videos of Windows 11 running in a leaked version.  This is following numerous teases by Microsoft that Windows 11 is coming soon.  So, it appears safe to assume that Windows 11 is a real product and that in upcoming Windows event will be its reveal.

What are you thoughts on this?

Personally, I don't like the "mobile/tablet" UI changes over the older desktop focused UI, but I can truly understand why these are needed as Windows needs o get into the mobile product space if we want to keep enjoying the OS for years to come.  I am actually quite hopeful that Windows 11 will fix the minor touch interface and small screen issues of Window 10 and that we will see a bigger tablet-like device push from Microsoft while still having that highly capable and power user friendly desktop.

The leaked versions seems otherwise very close to Windows 10 and can even run Windows 10 apps and software just fine, even games.  So it seems compatibility will not be an issue.

Granted, we have no idea where the leaked product is in the development stage or any sort of planned road map for Windows 11, but it does seem to be going well in my view. 

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