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Cyber Bullying- How do you handle people who are always negative to you?

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I have this issue for years. No matter what I say, I have some people who turn those things into negative. And to avoid this I make sure to not be around such people. But there are times when they do come around eventually. So I have been struggling to handle those type of people for years. 

Is there any way to handle such type of people. How would you make this type of the bullying stop?

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Cyber Bullying is awful as it is so hard to get away from.  I made some poor choices in high school and couldn't even stand existing on social media for years because of it.  Sadly, I have not found any solutions as people just love drama so much and cyber bullying is a type of drama, so even ignoring the people starting it is hard to escape from.

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Sadly it is true that Cyber Bullying is awful.  I have not had to personally deal with it as my social media experience is minimal compared to most and I haven't found bullying to be a huge problem on sites like forums and such.  Overall I find social media like Facebook and Twitter to be full of negative people and choose to avoid the group as a whole instead of trying to pick the good ones.  Sure, you can say that I'm missing out, but from what I see on those platforms, I am much happier off of them completely and only maintaining enough presence to run my business pages.

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