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How do you get rid of boredom?

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Lockdown and the pandemic times have reduced our connection with the rest of the world. And this means we have to find out ways to get rid of the boredom. I personally didn't find any strong ways to do that considering I was trapped with family and their annoyance and had no way to get out of the same. 

So how do you get rid of the boredom?

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I rarely have a problem with boredom these days as I am so busy trying to finish University that I always seem to have something to be doing. Boredom usually strikes when I have nothing to do you see, but it can also come when I am doing something extremely boring. If I am specifically trying to cure my boredom though, I will play a game or watch something on Netflix as that almost always cures my boredom! 😛

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I'm an introvert so I'm not a social person anyways. I find ways to keep myself occupied. We have a house, acreage, furkids. There's always 'something' that can be done. I also am on several forums & try to challenge myself with learning new things. 

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