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I love anime which has the mage, shinigami themes. And bleach anime is one such which has that both. And some of the pretty good characters come from that anime. I loved the story of various arcs in the anime. And also loved how that anime came up with new concepts for the shinigami. So overall I loved bleach anime and I wish it could come back. 

Have you seen bleach anime?

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I really enjoyed it at the beginning and then it just kept going.  I probably would have stuck it out to the end, but the fillers where just getting to be too much for me and I moved on from the series.  I always say I'll come back to it, but that is probably unlikely to happen.

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I think if you read the final arc that was released, it may get you into the interest again. The vilian this time has killed more people and also lost very short of his goal compared to past vilians. And in the vilian camp you will find a lot of interesting characters too. I am sure "thousand year blood arc" would interest you. 

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