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Social Media Platform For Kids

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So recent news (linked below) has Facebook developing an Instagram just for kids under 13 (being that once they are 14, they can just join the "adult" social media platforms).  However this is raising a lot of concern across the board with many seeming to believe that young children are not properly prepared to be on social media and even studies being done to show that almost half of younger users on social media are already being cyberbullied. 

One counter point to this concern is the fact that many young children are already using social media before they are of age and it would be safer for those kids to use a dedicated platform.

I find myself at a crossroads on this one as I would be against a social media platform just for minors as I can see too many problems arising and if children and parents put their trust into the platform, then malicious users can be lead to horrible outcomes.  Perhaps I would be more for the idea if it wasn't Facebook creating the platform as they do not have the best track record at protecting children on their current platforms, but I do see their point in the fact that young children are already (and have been for decades) using the internet before turning 14.

What are your thoughts on this matter?



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