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  1. Forums are finally coming back into my hobby list like they were in the old days.
  2. Ya, Microsoft got hammered with antitrust laws back in the day. Nearly crippled the company. It does seem like they have used Apple's and Google's success as reasons to go back to just trying to be a tech Monopoly (which in many ways I can't blame them), but stuff like setting the default browser is what brings way too much attention to that fact and brings their customers into action. That last part is what I figured they would want to highly avoid.
  3. I basically have no local shops. We have a Best Buy and there PC components section is maybe 5 feet long at best. Basically, you get 1-2 CPUs, 1-2 GPUs, a single cooler, and a rack with little stuff like RAM and Storage as options. So for me, it is completely online.
  4. This is completely true! And once you get into more budget friendly laptops, non-gaming, etc. the 17" options disappear. I do see 16" screens popping up a lot anymore, and I wonder how they will affect things.
  5. Ya, I'd rather just buy more RAM or something instead of a fancy cooler, but I can see there uses in tiny cases.
  6. until
  7. Testing the new social page on mobile, all seems well!

    1. Paige


      Yay!  I like it!

  8. They are CG anymore. The original was great and the remake of it was also great! However, I don't think the followup movies were as good, but I enjoyed them.
  9. I really thought 17' laptops were pretty rare today, but we so far have a majority of 17" devices here it seems
  10. Just ordered my new laptop, it will have W11. So I guess I will see how it goes. Overall, I don't mind anything about W11 now that the full detail are out. The "mobile-first" design as I would call it is needed in 2021 for Windows to stay on top. I worry about the more in-depth settings and features of Windows that keeps it on top, but only time will tell and I can't help to feel that their users is far too invested into 3rd party apps to even try a more closed ecosystem like Apple (who also seem to have noticed the need to open things up a bit). Overall, I prefer W10's UI but I support the UI move going into W11. I also support the device limitation (hopefully) as Window's biggest issue is just how versatile it is and they have to do so much extra patchwork due to ABC's PC running a AMD K6 with a 3090 and ranting on how the Xbox app does load right. Plus cyber security is probably the biggest concern we should have nowadays and companies are awful at doing options security moves, so if the secure boot and all that IS better, then I'm for it.
  11. I actually really enjoyed the Deep Black series of books but I'm somethings an idiot and read them out of order 😂
  12. Poetry honestly confuses me. There are some many types and so many that don't seem like poems at all. So I can't say that I am into the genre at all.
  13. I like some of it, but not most of it.
  14. I do enjoy chill music when working on certain task or studying. It is not my favorite music by any means, but I find it one of the few that I can read/type with.
  15. I mostly buy the CDs at stores as they have the best sales. But I also buy a bunch off Amazon. We use Plex Media Server for our music and I love it!
  16. I am also a Laptop Gamer and I would truly love to see Apple make a true gaming device.
  17. Ya, the opinion pieces are getting out of hand and the fact that so many are based on politics is slightly concerning. I think many forget that these services often push sides to get more views and therefore more income, but the practice is getting a bit out of hand.
  18. I have noticed that AMD still needs some work in the server market. Our home server still needs Intel due to many server apps using Intel only features like quicksnyc.
  19. I would say that I am spiritual when it comes to faith, but don't really follow any standard following. However, I do love being involved in the community and it is hard to avoid the local customs and such.
  20. OOF 😂 They were just regular phones that ran Windows 8 and then Windows 10 Mobile instead of Android or iOS. A very email/work based phone OS. I suppose you could say a follower to Blackberry's work based OS, but I don't really feel that is accurate.
  21. Learning is an awesome way to burn off boredom. Plus keeping up with a house and furkids is more than enough time. Anime will certainly eat up a good amount of time forever lol.
  22. I wanted to try the remaster and get back to you on this, but that is not going well on PC. So I will sick with GTA V, but GTA has never really been a major series for me.
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