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  1. I loved it. Not just because it was created with the simplicity. They are focusing on privacy and also reducing the resources that it takes on the old lapotps. I think this would open up more doors for the project. And I am sure some of the manufacturers may also bag it up and may ship it with some other small scale laptops too. I also noticed that same author of the Ubuntu Web is behind the Ubuntu Unity remix project. I can't wait to get back to Ubuntu Unity again.
  2. Crunchyroll is extremely expensive for me. I mean 9.95$ per month for animes? I am paying 2.95 for the mobile phone plan of the Netflix and Prime amazon is already free for upto 3 device so I don't see I would be ever getting the crunchyroll sub for myself. And now considering sony is into this that means they will make it super cheap if they add it with any other sub they own.
  3. Nova

    Herb Garden

    I am definitely making that a serious approach as time comes considering this pandemic will make many of us have less work that it was 1 year back. So I think having hobby like garden would be good. And also it can be productive hobby considering herbs and fruits or veggies can be used back.
  4. I think if you read the final arc that was released, it may get you into the interest again. The vilian this time has killed more people and also lost very short of his goal compared to past vilians. And in the vilian camp you will find a lot of interesting characters too. I am sure "thousand year blood arc" would interest you.
  5. I learned from trial and error. I think it's never easy to get accurate art but some people can get closer. I personally am not yet reached there but I am thinking about trying to get there. So hopefully with more practice I can. I have to put it on instagram once I am successful.
  6. Nova

    Herb Garden

    I have always wanted to plant various types of the herbs into my container garden. I am thinking about planting the oregano, mint and few others. And hoping that I can later use those type of the herbs for the home use. Have you ever planted herbs in your garden?
  7. I don't follow diet food routine as of now but the pandemic and constant lockdowns kind of make it harder for me to stay on current diets. And I am focusing on the new habit changes and also health changes that I have to do for food. I am looking for advice on what type of food is good during season wise, like what's good in winter and what can be safely consumed during the summer. Do you follow any such healthy routine?
  8. I am trying to find out sports which are good for people of all ages. So that my aunt, uncle and other elderly I can play with in the garden. I thought about cricket and the soccer. And found those can be played but it is kind of hard. Apart from that I think age wise some sports can not be played. So what are some good sports one can play with people of all ages?
  9. When it comes to the secure authentication a lot of banks and the websites that deal with the finances make use of the 2 factor authentication. And a lot of sites are getting into that sort of the norm lately. I have noticed even the facebook page owners are being asked for the 2 factor authentication. Have you used 2 factor authentication?
  10. Have you ever purchased poetry books? I have thought about purchasing the poetry books but for some reason I just could not get my mind to purchase. The reason being limited content and also my limited understanding of holding one poetry book in shelf is just not there. So I didn't purchased poetry books instead prefer to read the poetry online. Have you purchased poetry books?
  11. A lot of folks are now living in apartment and have limited space they can use for the gardening. You can see that there is a market demand and also demand from hobbyist for the container gardening. And it can also work out as long as you have some time and good choice of herbs or plants to plant. Have you thought about container gardening? Is this something you can do?
  12. I think a lot of us stuck at home with lockdown and regular restrictions of the work at home from instead of office has resulted in many of us gained a lot of weight. And that means belly fat is likely to increase. And this sort of stuff takes years to let go of as well. I wonder if there is a way to reduce the belly fat. Do you know how to reduce belly fat?
  13. There is a new trend among the people lately. Those who want to concentrate and work on something like say study. They make use of the slow beat chill music. They use this music to keep their head calm. You will find such music being featured on the youtube for hours live. I listen to it for the mood change every now and then. Have you tried slow beat chill music?
  14. When I was in school I came across the books of dale. And a lot of those books were on the niche of simple living and focused living. A lot of his advice was about "things what you can control". Those sort of advice books are pretty fun and light for the heart. I found those books pretty interesting to read as well. His titles include - "Stop worrying and start living" and similar few others. Have you read any dale carnegie books?
  15. I love anime which has the mage, shinigami themes. And bleach anime is one such which has that both. And some of the pretty good characters come from that anime. I loved the story of various arcs in the anime. And also loved how that anime came up with new concepts for the shinigami. So overall I loved bleach anime and I wish it could come back. Have you seen bleach anime?
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