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  1. I rarely have a problem with boredom these days as I am so busy trying to finish University that I always seem to have something to be doing. Boredom usually strikes when I have nothing to do you see, but it can also come when I am doing something extremely boring. If I am specifically trying to cure my boredom though, I will play a game or watch something on Netflix as that almost always cures my boredom! 😛
  2. I listen to most of my music on Spotify, or if I want to watch the videos for the music I will listen to them on YouTube. This is also where I get new music as I find it easier to locate them than Spotify. Where do you get your music? Is anyone here old school and collects CD or vinyl?
  3. I really love walking and hiking. For me there isn't anything better than a nice walk on a sunny day filled with blue skies. I enjoy walking along the canals and river, anywhere near water to be honest. I also love hiking up mountains and hills but sadly I cannot do that as often as I would like. Do you enjoy hiking or walking? Where are your favourite places to go? Share some pictures with us!
  4. 22_22

    Hey there!

    Hi there, 22_22 here! I have been on forums for over 10 years now and I must say, I love the look of this one. I am sporty and interested in games. I look forward to talking with you all!
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